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ICAN Academies, Inc. (ICAN) is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization designed to: Empower Children, Youth, and Adults to be Successful in Life


ICAN’s program is designed to meet the needs of the whole family by:


Providing a multi-age educational service model for children & youth.


Building strong foundational

skills in reading, writing & mathematics to support a

student’s smooth transition to

a formal school-age program.


Creating a school culture whereby students have fun & learn to enjoy education.


Providing caregivers with workshops & training on such matters as understanding assessments & progress monitoring tools, as well as, State & district mandated requirements.


Meeting the caregiver’s personal & professional developmental needs through workshops & training.

Students will have core curriculum with a strong emphasis in Reading, Writing, Mathematics and Character Development. These foundational learning domains will ensure ICan students will be successful in the next phase of their academic pathway.

Our Curriculum:

What Matters to us at ICAN Charter Academy is Simple

Meet the needs of the whole family by first providing a one-stop-drop multi-age educational services model and by building strong foundational skills necessary to prepare our students to transition successfully into a formal school program all while the students have fun and learns to enjoy education. 

Here, ICAN children will learn to respect one another, learn together, and learn to work together. Our students will discover how enjoyable learning can be and success begins here. Our highly-qualified staff with a love for children and innovative learning will assist your child in preparing for the next phase of educational journey. 

Innovative Learning

Arts Integration in all subject areas, a modified year-round academic calendar, and character development will be intricate components in the instructional practices in building each student’s foundational skills. These program methodologies will exercise the brain, decrease levels of stress and depression, and increase the student’s ability to concentrate or focus for longer periods of time.


ICAN Charter Academy will ensure this pedagogy for learning remains a major instructional practices within its programs. Likewise, technology is critical to preparing ICAN students to be successful in a global society and will be a major program component. The earlier we engage our students in technology the stronger and more astute they will be as they move on their educational pathways. 

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